Feng Office Platform Update  

The Feng Office team is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Feng Office, continuing our ongoing commitment to aligning people and their daily work with the strategy of their organization.

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Version 3.7  

Release 3.7 Details

Settings and Customizations

Time Tracking

The new time module comes with an updated design and features that allow for flexible and integrated time tracking. 




New system level features that add flexibility to how you use Feng Office

Improve the accuracy of your time tracking

Start a timer directly from the time tab

Newly designed form for time entry

Save time entering your time 

Classify timeslots to Dimensions other than the ones the task is classified to

Allows you to track and measure time in an infinite number of ways

Enterprise Edition

Select the related task directly from the time module

Easily link the time you're tracking back to your tasks

Split clients and projects into two separate Dimensions

Make it easier to find the project you're looking for

Enterprise Edition

New Dimensions allow you to further segment your information

Find the information you need faster

Enterprise Edition

Advanced templates for complex workflows

More customizability to your process

Enterprise Edition

Save time creating invoices

Generate invoices automatically (from timeslots and billing rates)

Enterprise Edition

Simplify the invoice creation process

Have billing information automatically populated on invoices

Enterprise Edition

Improve communications 

Send automatic emails with invoices

Enterprise Edition

Save time and improve accuracy

Set repetitive invoices (for memberships, recurring services, etc.)

Enterprise Edition

Reduce manual processes

Integrate to your payment processor

Enterprise Edition

More flexibility in meeting your client's needs

More options to customize your invoice

Enterprise Edition

New options to 'push' and/or reassign tasks in bulk from task module

Improve ability to manage resources and make changes on the fly

More customizability for your communications

New email templates for key workflows (e..g invoicing)

Enterprise Edition

Email and folder consistency across your email clients

IMAP Integration

Professional Edition

New invoicing features focus on flexibility and improving your ability to manage receivables

Improved task management capabilities

The best integrated email keeps getting better


Define additional conditions using associated Dimension members

More flexibility in reporting

Enterprise Edition

Create custom report categories and group reports by category

Better organize and find your reports faster

Enterprise Edition

Include comments in reports

Include information that is often overlooked

Enterprise Edition

You can now exclude items in reports by selecting 'not classified in'

Improves your ability to get to the data you need

Enterprise Edition

You can ignore conditions when generating reports

Additional reporting flexibility

Enterprise Edition

We continue to improve our reporting engine and features to enhance your ability to gain business insights