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The Feng Office team is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Feng Office Platform! Our latest version includes features most frequently asked for by our customers and reflects our continued commitment to supporting your key business needs. 

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Version 3.8  

Release 3.8 Details

Settings and Customizations

Time Tracking

Improved project accounting and billing functionality  




New system level features that add flexibility to how you use Feng Office

Included in Enterprise Edition

Billing Calculation Improvements

Reduce your team's administrative burden and increase the accuracy of time tracking

New Dimension: Labor Categories

  • Automatically calculates billing based on time entered x labor rate
  • Can be assigned to tasks directly and in project and task templates

New Dimension: Rate Schedules

  • Collection of labor categories to be used at project, client or user level (aka "rate sheet")
  • Only needs to be assigned once, all time entries will inherit Rate Schedule 

Timeslots can be assigned 'hour types' for accurate calculation of overtime

Included in Enterprise Edition

Sort Projects and Other Dimensions

Make it easier to find your projects

Configure the sort order of projects and other dimensions 

Included in Enterprise Edition

Deleting Projects and Related Information

Improves ease of use

Easily delete projects and ALL the information related to that project (tasks, documents and more) with a simple click.

Included in Enterprise Edition

Automated Invoice Generation

Save tremendous amounts of time and improve accuracy of invoices

Easily filter and select the timeslots you want - and generate an invoice in one click. 

Using our new billing dimensions (labor categories and rate schedules ensures accurate, rapid invoice creation. You can use different rates and different formats - even for a single client. 

Included in Professional Edition

Included in Enterprise Edition

Notification Manager

Control the email notifications you and your team receive

The new notification manager provides you complete control over the email notifications generated by the system. Now you can:

  • Select which events trigger a notification
  • Control what information is included in a notification
  • Customize how the information is formatted
  • Control the frequency in which the information is communicated

Included in Enterprise Edition

Product Types

Enables additional detail for the categorization and tracking of expenses

Create a catalog of product types to track expenses by product. When creating a project budget, expected expenses can be budgeted by product with pre-populated expenses. 

Product catalogs (both products and pricing) can vary by client, project or rate schedule.

Included in Enterprise Edition

Expense Receipts

Allows users and project managers to enter actual expense payments into the system

  • Create actual expense payments and upload receipt images.
  • Link actual expenses to budgeted expenses.
  • Itemize receipts to whatever level of detail works best for your organization. 

Our new invoicing module is focused on making it easy to automate your back office

Customize and manage the way the system manages notifications

Our new and improved expenses module makes it easier to track direct, non-labor project expenses


Timeslot Reporting

Improve your ability to gain insights into time worked

Included in Enterprise Edition

Add contact or project related properties as columns and group reports by these properties

Included in Professional Edition

Included in Enterprise Edition

Boolean Logic in Reports

Create more powerful, sophisticated reports

Use "AND","OR" expressions to create powerful custom reports to gain deeper insights into your business. 

Automated Project Numbering

Improved project reporting flexibility

Flexible format project numbering that can now be used in reporting at the beginning of each project name. 

Included in Enterprise Edition

Included in Professional Edition

Our powerful custom reporting engine has just gotten better!

Included in Enterprise Edition

Timesheet Approvals

Improve your ability to audit timesheets or meet compliance requirements

  • Supports completely custom, multistage approval and review processes. Is permission based - users can only move time slots between states they are allowed.
  • Prevents modification to timeslots in appropriate statuses. 

Usability Improvements

Visual cues and automation make it easier to manage expenses

Included in Enterprise Edition

  • If the name of an expense receipt is left blank, the name will be automatically generated in customizable format.
  • You can choose to bill a client directly from the expense (or mark it non-billable)
  • When the actual amount of the expense exceeds the budgeted amount, the expense appears in red

The most powerful filters in project management just got better

Included in Enterprise Edition

You can relate (connect) dimensions to each other and to other objects (such as tasks), improving your ability to classify information, organize data and generate powerful reports. 

System administrators can now set default values for each dimension to be automatically added when users create an object that is classified in that dimension. 

Also, new options allow you to keep or ignore dimensions when copying the classification from a parent task to a subtask. 

Dimension Improvements

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