Product Release

We are extremely excited and happy to announce the release of the latest version of the Feng Office Platform! Our latest version includes incredibly powerful features, very frequently asked for by our customers. We'd love for you to try them and we hope that you get as excited as we are with them. 

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Version 3.8.1  


Release 3.8.1 Details

More dashboard improvements


New, powerful dimensions



Beautifully elegant new dashboard UI with super powerful widgets

Included in Enterprise Edition


Gain a quick look at your company's workload per role

We are constantly developing new dimensions. We have over 30 available dimensions, each with its own functionality, that can be configured on your Enterprise Edition installation.

Every organization has different roles - and in many cases this is important information that you want to relate to your tasks, timesheets, and documents.

By linking tasks to this new dimension you can now group and/or filter tasks per role, allowing you to gain a very useful, quick look at your workload per role. This is a great functionality for managers, specially for resource management work.

Included in Enterprise Edition

New Projects Widget

Easy, immediate access to all your projects

The new Projects widget gives you the fastest overview of your most important projects, their status, and an instant gateway for drilling down into more details for those that require your attention.

Included in Enterprise Edition

Project financials and earned value

Easy to read, customzable graphs and charts

Over 10 new, interactive widgets give you real-time visibility into your projects financials, budgeted vs actual work, and the status of budgeted vs actual expenses.

Included in Enterprise Edition

Overtime and payroll integration

Brand new Payroll features

We developed two new, highly configurable plugins, that automatically calculate overtime, double overtime, lunch time, and other differential work-payment rates for payroll.

Several states (such as California) and countries have laws and regulations that dictate special treatment for overtime work.

The new features allow the system to aultomatically calculate and split the time when timesheet records indicate that a worker has exceeded their regular work hours on a day, week, or a month.

The plugin also supports the configuration and special treatment of lunch hours, special work, double overtime, time off, and other records that might have a differential rate.

Included in Professional Edition

Included in Enterprise Edition

Project Reports Plugin

More powerful and sophisticated reports for project managers

New customized reports for project managers that include:

  • Consolidation of labor and expenses
  • Budgeted vs current values
  • Labor and expenses summaries
  • Project totals

Overtime, payroll reports, payroll integration and multiple currencies

New, more powerful reports, and new look

Decide which information, in what order, and in what format you want to see

Included in Enterprise Edition

You can completely customize how you project dashboards present information. Up or down, left or right, prominently visible or hidden. You can configure your dashboards any way you want.

Information exactly how you want it

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Included in Enterprise Edition

Currency Settings

Customize the format of currency throughout the system

New currency configuration options that will allow you to define how currencies are displayed across all financial modules in the system

Included in Professional Edition

Included in Enterprise Edition

More powers for your reports

New columns and settings options that make your custom reports even more powerful

Expenses reports can now display any and all supplier columns

Choose how you want your date columns to look (including international formats, and whether hours should be displayed or not.