Product Release

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of the Feng Office Platform! Our latest version includes incredibly powerful features, very frequently requested by our customers. We'd love for you to try them out and we hope that you get as excited as we are with them. 

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Version 3.8.4  

System Permissions

Release 3.8.4 Details

System Permissions

Time and Expenses

Time and expense tracking made even easier



Enhanced configurations for your projects

Included in Enterprise Edition

Redesigned Expenses Entry

Enhanced expense entry UX 

The new and enhanced expense entry offers:

- A redesigned and more intuitive look at expenses

- The possibility to enter product units and have the system calculate total cost and price information, without the need for users to enter a total amount.

- More pre-filled information, so users do not have to spend any more time than needed registering an expense

Included in Enterprise Edition

Project Phases Permissions

Setup user rights for the different phases of your projects

Do you have a completed or on-hold project you do not want users to track time and expenses against? Leverage your project phases dimension and define what can be done in a project through its whole lifecycle.

Included in Professional Edition

Invoice Templates

Easily customizable invoices

Do your invoice have different formats, depending on the client? 

No problem!

With the new invoice templates plugin you will be able to easily setup all of these different templates and use them per client, or even per project.

Included in Enterprise Edition

Project Billing Report

New customized exportable billing report

Produce detailed project billing reports based on labor and expenses entries.

Easily export into PDF and send over to wow your customers.

More power to your invoices

New, more powerful reports

Define your company's expenses approval processes

Included in Enterprise Edition

The new approval workflow plugin now supports expenses. You can now define:

  • Who is able to edit, lock, 
    submit, approve and/or invoice expenses.

  • Which users can manage this workflows

  • And for which employees can each user 
    approve and manage expenses for.

Expenses Approval Workflow

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Included in Enterprise Edition

Project Budget Status Report

Keep track of your projects budget

Keep track of your projects budget and get a clear picture of where your project stands today, compared to its original budget.

Export it to PDF or Excel with just one click.

Included in Enterprise Edition

Recalculate Billing Button

More power to your timesheets

Made an error and configured an incorrect billing category in the system billing settings? Do not have time to go over old time records and correct?

Now this can be corrected with just one click.